2012. március 5., hétfő

Homework : "To realize your potential, dare to be different"

Article summary

In this article are very important things. The most important, we are not afraid different from others. The difference here that can help us to succeed. Important questions to ask yourself before we begin to realize our dreams.

The editor shows us two examples about two people who dared to be different.
Damien Hirst  - British artist.
Grant Achatz - award-winning chef


1. What are the activities I perform that are truly different from those others perform?
I don’t know.

2. What are the similar activities  I perform in different ways than others do?
I was chorister, but my voice  is terrible. :P

3. What characteristics or traits do I have that are unique to me?
I am very tolerant. 

4. What resources do I have that are different from those of others?
I don't know.

5. What is the primary differentiated value I bring to people in my life?
 I am understanding and always help others.

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